Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Theresa May’s immigration speech is dangerous and factually wrong

The Spectator: Theresa May lambasts her own record on immigration-Why?

Independent: The EU is used to bypass national democracy, Tory minister admits

Nottingham Post: Nottinghamshire schools struggling to cope with influx of migrant families

Yahoo news: Ham sandwiches and sausage rolls may be banned from office kitchens for being too ‘offensive’

World Affairs:- DEBKA: With Russia’s deputy army chief due in Israel, Moscow posts 64 S-300 ship to air missiles of Syria, N. Israel

EURef:- Express: Britain must quit EU before ‘cataclysmic implosion’ warns top businessman

EUreka:- Infowars: Chancellor Merkel: “Lord God” sent illegal immigrants

Express: Brussels fat cat Schulz who has two chauffeurs and has been blasted for wasting thousands’ in taxpayers’ cash

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