Common Sense:- Express: ‘Seize the moment’ Nigel Farage rallies Britons to vote ‘NO’ in EU referendum: 

EURef:- Telegraph: David Cameron suffers ‘humiliating’ commons defeat at hands of his own MP’s over Europe: 

Mirror: David Cameron’s humiliating defeat after Tory rebels join forces with Labour: (Includes poll on EU)

Express: David Cameron in humiliating defeat as Tories vote against government:

Zen-Gardner: The carefully calculated mass migration agenda: 

EUreka:- Breitbart: Bavarian police responds to migrant crisis by clamping down on Oktoberfest celebrations:

Immigration Crisis:- Telegraph: Islamic State is rubbing its hands with glee over the Syrian refugee crisis:

The Conservative tree house: Raging horror confirmed at Austria/Italy border- Mid east Muslim “refugees” go on rampage:

Clash-Daily: Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity in their droves to boost their chance of asylum:

YouTube: Grateful Greeks celebrate the rich diversity immigration brings:

AL-Arabiya: Denmark  posts anti-refugee ads in Lebanese newspapers:

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