Home Affairs:- Mail: Man armed with knives kills man in Poundland store

Telegraph: David Cameron to ban House of Lords from overturning legislation

Political-Betting:- Corbyn’s staggering public approval rating of minus 41 rivals the UK’s worst unelectable party leaders of all time

Veterans for peace: War veterans to discard medals at Downing Street

Blog-Factory: People are turning to alternative news sources more swiftly than ever now, and as a result, the old-guard of media is collapsing at free-fall speeds

World Affairs:- TTC: Putin orders complete destruction of Turkish president, family and government

Sputnik: France ‘got it right’ by partnering with Russia

Christian Today: US Sheriffs call on gun owners to take matters into their own hands, take down shooters when they see them

Migrant Crisis:- Western Morning News: Hundreds of migrants smuggled to South West coast, court told

The Washington Star News: Germans torch 222 Muslim refugee homes

EUreka:- News-Asia: EU dangles February deal for Cameron, but not on migrants

Telegraph: Mario Draghi riles Germany with QE overkill

Mediaocre:- The Sun: If you don’t like Britain being Christian…Leave says Toby Young

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