UKIP:- UKIP set to hold Its first ever Westminster debate

Bill Etheridge hammers ECHR over stupid decisions

Telegraph: Natasha Bolter: Oxford University deny she ever attended

Mail: Roger Bird was a complete gentleman says Natasha Bolter

Telegraph: ‘Love or infatuation made me lose my brain’ Natasha Bolter 2 days after complaint was raised

Common Sense:- Conhome: The five tribes of UKIP

GE2015:- Telegraph: The UK’s third world defence capability exposed as we go on bended knee to the French to help search for a Russian submarine in Scottish waters

Mail: Taxes on booze in the UK are so high that British drinkers pay forty percent of the EU’s entire alcohol duty bill

Wales-online: The so called ‘grey vote’ may well decide the outcome of the 2015 election

EUreka:- Express: If referendum was today….Briton’s would vote to ‘Quit’ Europe, reveals expert new survey

Breitbart: Snap Sweden election after anti immigration party causes collapse of government


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