Clacton Rock

Clacton Rock

UKIP:- LBC Radio: Nigel Farage to host regular phone in

Steven Woolfe: Lord Hill’s commisioner appointment a ‘cynical ruse’

Northern Ireland news-letter: UKIP calls for fresh elections

Brietbart: UKIP Joint Deputy chairman Suzanne Evans: Dear Jacob-Rees-Mogg  UKIP does not want a Tory pact

Common Sense:- Doncaster Free Press: Rotherham’s UKIP Councillors submit a motion calling on all Labour Councillors to resign and face the electorate

Guardian: David Cameron’s position after a Scotland yes vote is not his own choice

Mediaocre:- Guardian: Labour plan early by-election after Jim Dobbin death to foil UKIPPolitics Home: Heywood & Middleton by-election called

Telegraph: UK forces plan three new bases in Middle East to fight ISIS

Defense News: Russia: Ukraine in NATO would be ‘unprecedented challenge’ to European security

Scotsman: 36% of businesses will flee Scotland in the event of a yes vote

 Express: Britain must ignore ‘little Europeans‘ over EU exit

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