UKIP:- Strasbourg today: EU faces Greek democracy in great euro poker game UKIP leader Nigel Farage:

Defence: Mike Hookem MEP demands answers from the Foreign secretary after MOD spokesman says Ukraine can count on all possible assistance in pursuit of Independence

Thurrock public meeting results in the Labour candidate being empty chaired, the fear of Tim Aker is palpable:

New Statesman: William Cash Jr: Why the government should restore the Ministry for Tourism & Heritage

Common Sense:- YI: An army veterans view on UKIP military policy

C4 News: Election trail: Fear & loathing in Skegness

Right of Centre: Being a UKIP activist – Easy 12 step guide

Cambridgshire Times: UKIP put on free bus for Chatteris shoppers

GE2015:- Telegraph: Obama to Cameron: maintain UK defence spending or weaken Nato

May2015: Leaked list shows the Tories have thrown in the towel at Rochester & Strood
Claiment count vs parliamentary majorities

Telegraph: Britain not ruling out the use of lethal force in Ukraine

EUreka:- Breitbart: Brit’s too ignorant to chose their European fate, says EU bureaucrat

Grimsby Telegraph: Austin Mitchell MP: Will the smashed plates ever be glued together again?

Mediaocre:- Washington Examiner: House introduces bill to arm Ukraine

Market Watch: UAE launch air strikes on ISIS targets as Jordan masses troops on Iraq border

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: New Spitting Image spin-off including Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson & Russell Brand to launch

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