UKIP:- EU army? Who do you thing you’re kidding Mr Juncker?…Nigel Farage

BBC Sunday Politics: Paul Nuttall: I’ve started so I’ll finish

Common Sense:- Express: Ignore scaremongers, quitting European Union could boost British jobs

Western Morning News: Liberal party urges supporters to vote UKIP

Cambridge News: Patrick O’Flynn MEP standing up for University students & Cambridge

Shields gazette: The UKIP candidate who’s hoping for a norman conquest in South Shields

East Lothian Courier: UKIP announce Westminster candidate for East Lothian

GE15:- Breitbart: When our army may be cut to 50,000, the smell of treason is becoming offensive

EUreka:- Express: Germany backs plans to allow EU migrants to travel passport free through Europe

Telegraph: Greece demands Nazi war reparations of more than £160bn

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