ICM/Guardian Poll: Support for Labour drops amid criticism of Ed Miliband

Rochester & Strood:- Mail: The cosy club versus UKIP; Cameron declares a two horse race after UKIP emerge from the latest Ashcroft poll with a 12 point lead

UKIP:- Guardian: Nigel Farage: The armistice was the biggest mistake of the 20th century

Paul Nuttall skewers Juncker on tax haven racket: http://youtu.be/bL947bXOOUs

Common Sense:- Independant: Nigel Farage to be grilled by Gogglebox’s Steph & Dom for Channel 4 special

Argus: UKIP has Sussex firmly in its sights

Guardian: Conservative MEP accused of being UKIP mouthpiece by fellow Tory

Yorkshire Post: Whitby school governor ‘told to resign’ over UKIP views

GE2015:- Guardian: Labour receive more than £600,000 from PWC to form tax policy

EUreka:- TheLocal: 80% vote ‘Yes’ to independent Catalonia

Mediaocre:- ParentDish: Smoking in cars with children to carry £10,000 fine

Mail: A blast from the past as Viscount Stansgate makes a return, Stephen Benn reclaims the title

LVM Institute: War making and class conflict

David Murrin Blog: Iran’s nuclear aspirations

Economist: A Billion shades of grey: Highly skilled? Don’t think about retiring

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