LordAshcroft NHS poll: Voting intentions Lab 33% Con 29% UKIP 19% LD 7% Grn 6%

% of voters retained from #GE2010 UKIP 92% SNP 89% LAB 79% CON 72% LIBDEMS 27%

UKIP:- BBC: Nigel Farage: BBC should empty chair Cameron

Paul Nuttall MEP: An old tired and out of date European Union

James Carver MEP: Blood soaked EU vanity has led to murder and chaos in Libya

Bill Etheridge MEP: A ‘superpower’ is what the EU should surely never be

BBC: Suzanne Evans says Cameron is running scared

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Nigel Farage: Ghettos in French cities have become no-go areas for non-muslims

Breitbart: How dare David Cameron attack Nigel Farage for telling the truth about multiculturalism?

thecommentator: Why as a Pole I back UKIP immigration policy

GE 2015:- Telegraph: Running scared from leaders’ debates, David Cameron looks like Gordon Brown

Sky: Cameron’s position ‘unchanged’ over debate

Sky News: Paris style terror attack likely ‘at any time‘ Theresa May

Political Scrapbook: Tories spend over £100,000 on Facebook love

RT: Islamic Human Rights Commission cuts ties with ‘Orwellian’ British government

EUreka:- CITYAM: Angela Merkel and Syriza are about to open Pandora’s box: watch out, Eurozone

eureporter: EU-US TTIP trade talks face ‘huge scepticism

Farmers Weekly: Brussels vote could open door to GM crops in UK

Mediaocre:- Mail: Sausages and pigs banned from children’s books ‘to avoid offence

Guardian: Dairy Farmers plea to public ‘boycott’ some supermarkets

Evening Standard: Coffee shop boss faces death threats over ‘Je Suis Charlie’ sign outside Brick lane cafe


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