UKIP:- Suzanne Evans delivers a fully costed UKIP manifesto

2015 Manifesto:  pdf 
BBC: Tim Aker MEP destroys biased BBC presenter
Party Political broadcast: screened 14-04-15

Common Sense:- BBC: Steven Woolfe MEP: talks about the UKIP manifesto

Guardian: d’Ancona is apoplectic: UKIP’s manifesto refreshes the parts others never could
BBC: UKIP unveils ‘serious’ manifesto

Telegraph: UKIP target seats: The ten constituencies that could cost David Cameron a second term as Prime Minister:
BBC: Nigel Farage encourages tactical vote

Telegraph: A guide to UKIP’s  election manifesto

Mirror: Thieves steal UKIP flyers after raiding van-But leave valuable tools

GE15:- Breitbart: Labour’s energy policy is actually more insane than the Greens This manifesto shows the Lib-Dems have given up on Liberalism
The Muslim Issue: UK Labour Party: ” We will introduce state funded Islamic schools
EUreka:- Express: Tories EU plans suffer blow as Britain told to wait ten years for treaty change
The Times: Brussels vow to block Cameron on EU treaty
Mediaocre:- NeonNettle: Ground breaking UK flouride documentary set to rock government plans
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