UKIP:- Nigel Farage & UKIP ‘most trusted to deliver for England’

Evening Standard: Backing Nigel Farage is no longer seen as a wasted vote, poll shows

Echo: Is this UKIP’s springboard in South Essex?

Telegraph & Argus: Bradford MEP calls for action on Heroin blight

Chichester Observer: UKIP challenge to West Sussex county council cabinet system

Common Sense:- Moves to ban smoking in public parks are a nonsense says Paul Nuttall: (full story under Mediaocre)

Thorne Gazette: Independent Doncaster Councillor joins UKIP

Sky News: UKIP confounds expectations to win votes

LEP: UKIP has its sights set on Preston says Paul Nuttall

GE2015:- Guardian: How many seats will UKIP win at the General Election

7 ways twitter will shape the next election:

Independent: Workers could be forced to save £5 week’ in welfare account to get benefits

Mail: Foreign aid is a waste of money

Breitbart: Ditch green targets or the lights will go out in Britain: says Owen Patterson

The Bay: Lord Freud accused over disabled comments

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: London Mayor Boris Johnson wants smoking banned and a minimum price on drink

Mail: Fusion power a step closer

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