UKIP membership passes the 42,000 mark for the first time ever

UKIP:- If the EU is unable to recgonise Somaliland why is the EP voting to recgonise Palestine? ask Nigel Farage MEP & Jim Carver MEP

A fairytale in Strasbourg: Super fantasy EUconomics says Paul Nuttall MEP

Shouldn’t we just stick to what works? asks Bill Etheridge MEP

“We cannot keep throwing taxpayers money into a black hole in this cavalier fashion” says Jill Seymour MEP


Standpoint: Peter Whittle UKIP culture spokesman says billionaires aren’t as good for the capital as Boris thinks

Common Sense:- Guardian: Matthew Goodwin: Why UKIP’s scandals don’t seem to be hurting its popularity

Express: Vision of Britain outside the EU is a positive one argues Ross Clark

Independent: An open letter to Russell Brand from Jo in Northern Ireland (This is a must read)

GE2015:- Mail: Home Office ‘loses’ 174,000 Illegal immigrants

Times: UKIP hasn’t got the monopoly on fruitcakes

Guardian: Senior Conservatives in spotlight over speech’s to ‘vile’ rightwing fringe group

Mail: Schools struggling with influx of Roma children who can’t speak English

Dover Express: UKIP ban row, school backs down

Mail:- Thousands of foreign criminals DNA records deleted because of legal loophole

Kent-Online: Councillors look to block publication of attendance figures

EUreka:- Scotsman: Traditional Ice-Cream under threat thanks to new EU rules

euractiv: Juncker’s meddling in Greece’s election sparks controversy

Telegraph:- EU throttling online business with idiotic vat reform

Breitbart: ‘Government admits defeat’ as online businesses crumple under weight of new EU rules

Mediaocre:- Express: Leo McKinstry: There is a vicious streak in modern left-wing politics

Yahoo: Anti-immigration protests escalate in Germany


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