Viewing figures for Monday night:- Channel 4’s mockumentary about UKIP got 916k viewers, half as many as the Channel 5 programme Benefits Britain which was on at the same time. By way of comparison, Broadchurch got 5.8m, Match of the Day got 6.9m, Emmerdale got 6.4m and Coronation Street got 7.1m.

Ladbrokes:- ‘The first 100 days’ does nothing to dissuade UKIP backers

UKIP:– Nigel Farage speaks at a public meeting in Sandwich 16-02-15

Young Independence 2015 South West Launch

Express: Senior Labour official quits and urges voters to back UKIP

Telegraph: Why I dumped Miliband’s Labour for UKIP: –Harriet Yeo

Common Sense:- Breitbart: BBC reject UKIP MP from debate on Europe because he Isn’t a women

Guardian: UKIP rejects BBC newsnight offer to discuss channel 4 row

Ed Miliband left snookered after key aide defects to UKIP:

GE2015:- Independent: UKIP candidate says he wants to ‘licence the mosques

Express: Fury as number of Romanians and Bulgarians in Britain soars after border controls lifted

Eureka:– Telegraph: Would Britain thrive outside the EU?

Telegraph: How the European central bank could finally pull the trigger on a Grexit

Mediaocre:– Jews-News: Islamic State to Putin; we are on our way to Russia

RT: Busted: Kiev MP’s try to fool US Senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine

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