UKIP:- Response to Chancellor’s budget
Common Sense:- Reuters: UKIP’s Farage warns Britain: Brace for a second election in 2015
Conservative Women: Tarzan goes over the top on race. But Farage is nearer the public mood
Mirror: UKIP leader Nigel Farage wants wealthy to abandon NHS and advocates two-tier health system
Open- Democracy: Is UKIP’s star fading
UKIP-Daily: Is the government spying on UKIP supporters?

GE15:- Telegraph: Civil servants to be sacked if they talk to journalists without government approval

Birmingham Mail: Child sexual exploitation bombshell reveals over 500 victims across the West Midlands

Mail: Subway remove ham & bacon from menu’s after ‘strong demand’ from muslims
EUreka:- Reuters: Juncker says EU needs Britain, but can’t change basic treaty
Reuters: All new EU cars will need emergency call technology from 2018
Independent: Anti austerity campaigners clash with riot police outside new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt
Mediaocre:- Houston Examiner: NASA successfully tests engine that uses no fuel, violates the laws of physics
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