UKIP:- British innovation being held back from reaching the stars says UKIP science spokesman Dr Julia Read MEP


 Common Sense:- BBC: UKIP’s Mark Reckless claims rival parties out of touch


 Home Affairs:- Press Reader: The shocking truth behind Britain’s immigration farce


 Express: Look at the people who benefit from human rights law


Calais Crisis:- Express: Two days to save Dover


Breitbart: It’s nearly Autumn, why are our governments only meeting now to address this migrant crisis?


EURef:- Guardian: ‘I don’t want to be in no man’s land’: The ‘Brexit Brits’ seeking second passports


EUreka:- Breitbart: Technical Fault: Social democracy and cultural liberalism collapsing under strain of migrant crisis

 Mediaocre:- JewsNews: Sharia law gets banned by Alabama…Muslims are going crazy

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