UKIP:- Doncaster continued: Roger Helmer MEP: UKIP Energy Policy: (One clear objective secure & affordable energy for households & industry)

Let’s get Britain moving: Jill Seymour MEP Transport Policy

Talk Carswell: I don’t miss the party whips

William Cash Jr: Why I have accepted the role of UKIP’s Heritage spokesman

Common Sense:- Sky News: Major tory donor joins UKIP donating a substantial sum to the election fund: Stop Press
(After being called Mr Nobody by William Hague, Mr Banks has increased his donation to £1 million)
Breitbart: Last day of Conservative conference brings a fresh UKIP defection, in the form of Arron Banks, multimillionaire donor
Express: Tories warned be ‘respectful’ of potential UKIP voters (The fear is palpable as they move from racists & fruitcakes to ‘respecting’)

GE2015:- Breitbart: Cameron’s speech: A whole load of UKIP policies

Guardian: Nigel Farage is outflanking the-Tories and they have no answer

Telegraph: UKIP to win four seats at general election says Cameron pollster: (penny’s dropping slowly)

ConHome: Cllr Patrick Harley: Coping with UKIP in Dudley

Guardian Letters: Faced with Labour’s contempt I’ll vote UKIP

EUreka:– Express: EU set to ‘steal an average £250 a year’ from your bank account in charges

GeoPolitical Weekly: Germany fights on two fronts to preserve the Eurozone

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: The men with many wives: The British Muslims who practice polygamy

Spiegel: Turkey faces up to its Islamic State problem

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