UKIP:- Mark Reckless says UKIP would phase in tax credit cuts

Home Affairs:- CAP-X: Brexit could split the SNP not the UK

The Christian Institute: Women suffering under Sharia law in UK, Govt acknowledges

Oldham Evening Chronicle: Death of Michael Meacher MP announced

World Affairs:- Info-wars: Sweden on the verge of collapse

Life-Site News: Monckton: Harper defeat in Canada government will allow “World Government” win at UN Paris climate meet

Express: Christians in Syria back Putin’s bombing campaign: claims Archbishop

Off-Guardian: As Russia bombs ISIS, US bombs Syrian civilian power stations

Express: Tens of thousands take to the streets in Germany in right-wing marches against immigration

EURef:- Breitbart: Leave.EU campaign secures backing of Eurosceptic Labour movement

The Spectator: Senior Theresa May aide leaves to work for the ‘Out’ campaign
Telegraph: BBC journalists forced to attend mandatory EU training course ahead of referendum

Express: 16-35 voters more likely to vote to stay in EU: (But will they get out of bed to vote?)

Mail: Hammond doesn’t expect EU treaty change: free movement curbs also off the table

Openeurope: Superb rebuttal to the alarmist nonsense propagated by Universities UK

EUreka:- CAPX: Dan Hannan: How the EU is about to sink Britain’s successful ports

European Commission: Fiat obtained illegal tax advantage from Luxembourg


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