Common Sense:- Express: Could Nigel Farage be the next James Bond? UKIP leader says he’d ‘give it a go’
BBC: The BBC licence fee should be cut by two thirds says Nigel Farage
Buzz-Feed: The Tories are trying to frighten people into voting for them, says Douglas Carswell
Economic Voice: Threats to behead a UKIP candidate
You-Gov: Voters still think media are biased against UKIP

GE15:- Breitbart: There are two General elections underway: The virtual poll of the political class and the real contest

Mail: Unions sinister hold over Miliband
Express: Britain forced to let deported illegal family back in after human rights ruling

Mail After Lord Janner I now believe the establishment does shamelessly twist justice to protect its own (Ed: see next story. Pure coincidence I assure you)

Mediaocre:- Mail: Chilcot enquiry will not report untill 2016 UN demanding $100 billion per year to create a huge climate change slush fund Obama’s on board

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