BBC Question Time Panel 10.35pm Thursday 24th: Yanis Varoufakis…Ken Clarke MP…Chris Bryant MP…Suzanne Evans UKIP Deputy chairman…Julia Hartley-Brewer


UKIP Conference can be found on BBC parliament channel


UKIP:- Come clean on who’s boss Cameron says Diane James MEP


Louise Bours MEP seeks reassurances from Volkswagen owned Bentley motors


Common Sense:- Dudley News: UKIP slams Dudley Council decision to welcome refugees


Express & Star: UKIP councillors call for referendum on combined authority


Migrant Mess:- Express: German interior minister suggests Germany might start refusing migrants, we can’t take them all


Cameron did what


Express: ISIS signing up Syrian refugees as they land in Germany- and children are targets


Home Affairs:- Express: Cameron tells EU leaders to send economic migrants home-as one million head our way


BBC: UK students excluded from UK medicine degree


Express: Britain has one of largest international migration increases in the world


CAPX The inconvenient truth about Corbyn and the IRA


World Affairs:- Mail: NF leader Marine Le-Pen faces trial for inciting racial hatred


EUreka:- Breitbart: The EU forced member states to accept migrants through qualified majority voting, you should probably know what that means


Diversity Macht Frei: Lech Walesa; “If Europe opens Its doors to Muslims, there will be beheadings here


Breitbart: Politicians inviting migrants into Europe want ‘disintegration’ says former Czech President Vaclav Klaus


Mediaocre:- Christian-Today: Most people in England are still Christian


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