Poll:- Survation/Mirror: Labour 33% Con 30% UKIP 21% LD 10%

UKIP:- Express: Nigel Farage: Only UKIP is going to stand against mass imigration

Common Sense:- Bloggers for UKIP: Round-Up of LibLabCon criminals

GE 2015:- Telegraph: Labour & Tories will be ‘broken up’ by immigration says Frank Field MP

Guardian: Blows for Osborne as growth revised down and current account deficit soars

Guardian: People stripped of benefits will be charged to challenge the decision says David Cameron

Google Law Blog: Justice Denied: Ben Fellows thrown into Wormwood Scrubs for daring to name Ken Clarke as an abuser

Breitbart: The PC police state is finally terrorising even the police

Telegraph: Ambulance trust turns to Poland to recruit 200 paramedics

EUreka:- RT: Bepe Grillo is delighted to have already secured 50,000 signatures for Italian referendum on the euro

World Bulletin: EU approves circa £2bn assistance programme for Turkey

Mediaocre:- Sky News: Coalition pilot shot down and captured by Islamic state


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