UKIP:- European Parliament today: Cameron’s sham deal not even legally binding…Nigel Farage:

Referendum Campaign: Promotion for William Dartmouth MEP & Diane James MEP

Jill Seymour MEP: Airline admits Brexit would ‘not’ trigger price rises

Common-Sense:- Express & Star:Watch: Unholy row over vicar’s EU prayer at Dudley council meeting

Brexit:- Express: Get Us Out: There is no economic case for Britain to stay in EU blasts Lord Lawson

Breitbart: Benefits ’emergency brake’ won’t bring down UK migrant numbers

Business Insider UK HSBC: Brexit will allow Britain to ‘cherry pick’ immigrants for a ‘quality inflow’

NZ Herald: NZ First Leader keen to strike up trade deals and do business with UK post Brexit

Breitbart: Majority of Conservative activists planning to defy Cameron, back Boris & Brexit

The Herald: Pig sector facing wipe out by foreign imports

Western Daily press: Leaving the EU could pave the way for billions to be spent on farming

EURef:- The Spectator: How many times will David Cameron change his EU slogan?

UK.CLA: Top Oxford professor confirms ‘deal’ not legally binding: ‘exact substance of draft agreement wooly’

BBC: EU reforms ‘not legally binding‘..Michael Gove MP: Justice Secretary

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