UKIP:- South Yorkshire Police & Crime Candidate announced

The Journal: Jonathan Arnott MEP: Where is the political will to stand up for the North-East?

By-Election News:- Clacton Gazette: 700 tickets for Clacton’s “biggest public meeting in living memory” snapped up in 24 hours: It’s that man Farage again

Breitbart: Labour panic amidst rumours it may lose by-election to UKIP

MEN: Labour insiders worried they could lose Heywood & Middleton to UKIP

Breitbart: Labour can’t play the ‘UKIP are racist’ card in the Heywood by-election. here’s why

C4 News: Crick on Politics: Could UKIP win a by-election from Labour too?

Clacton Gazette: Carswell claims Tory government is making it harder to tackle knife crime

Common Sense:- Guardian: Nigel Farage: leading a modern peasants’ revolt against Westminster

GE2015:- Guardian: Labour vow to scrap net immigration target

The Spectator: The deficit and immigration were the two worst topics for Ed Miliband to forget

Miliband 10 mins


EUreka:- Telegraph: Germany’s UKIP threatens to paralyse eurozone rescue efforts

Mediaocre:- Huff-Post: A Federal UK: The Rise of England

Wales News: Support for Welsh independence has fallen to its lowest ever level

The Star: Joyce Thacker finally admits that abuse in Rotherham is ongoing!

Teeside Gazette: Blind women told to look for a job ‘because she can cross the road’

thecommentator: Waning interest in global warming by world leaders

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