Poll:- Survation: Labour 34% Conservative 28% UKIP 19% LD 10% Grn 4%

Common Sense:- Kent-Online: Rochester & Strood MP Mark Reckless is on this weeks ‘Question Time’

Nursing Times: UKIP moots return of enrolled nurse and end to graduate training

Guardian: UKIP would ban immigrants without health insurance from entering the country

Shields Gazette: UKIP sets its sights on South Tyneside

Leyland Guardian: Meet South Ribble’s UKIP candidate

Brighton & Hove News; UKIP councillors in Brighton protecting the vulnerable

Larne Times: Noel Jordan selected to be UKIP candidate for East Antrim

Huff-Post: pleas go out as more young people run off to join UKIP

RoB: Will the Tories and Labour learn the secret of UKIP’s success? It’s all about trust

GE15:- Fars-News: Iraqi army shoots down two UK aircraft carrying arms for ISIS

Green car crash the movie

Buzz-Feed: Green growing pains, car crash 2

Metro: Tory MP urges doctors to use astrology to  treat patients, says non-beleivers are ‘racist’

BBC: Cartel politicians agree cartel energy policy. only UKIP will break the fix and cut energy costs

Breitbart: Soft touch Labour would put serving prisoners on prison boards
RoB: Graphs at a glance-who do MP’s represent? What did they do before becoming MP’s?

EUreka:- Times: Lawnmowers, mobility scooters  and golf buggies require motor insurance decrees European Union

Mediaocre:- Independent: Grace Dent: If teenage girls want to join ISIS then they should leave and never return

WSJ:– Ukraine to buy defensive weapons in UAE president says

Top-Right News: Australian leader Abbott slams Muslim Imans, launches crackdown on radical mosques, Muslims furious

Mail: Ian Birrell: The Aussie blonde’s just not up to the job
AWD News: ISIS burns thousands of rare books and manuscripts from Mosul’s libararies




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