UKIP:- Nigel Farage’s acceptance speech in South Thanet

Common Sense:- ITV: Unsurprisingly South Thanet select Nigel Farage as their PPC

Telegraph: Nigel Farage needs to pick his fights more carefully

UKIP to throw purple kitchen sink at Grimsby

Boston Standard: UKIP to select UKIP candidate after September 11th hustings

GE2015:– LabourList: Labour needs to take a serious look at UKIP’s manifesto

Guardian: Farage stands in Kent but UKIP gains in Rotherham
EU:- thecommentator EU doesn’t save millions of UK jobs, It’s destroying them.

Euractiv: 500,000 euro the going rate for four months work, for an Interim EU commisioner
Rotherham abuse round up:- Mail: ‘I was called a liar and a racist for exposing this sex gang abuse horror’

Rotherham Advertiser: Former Mayor arrested on child sex abuse charges

Guido Fawkes: Money is clearly at the root of Rotherham’s problem

Press Gazette: Rotherham council used public funds in an attempt to gag the Times

UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir responds to the Rotherham horror

Mediaocre:- Mail: Children threatened with legal action for playing outside their homes

RT: Crosstalk: Ukraine what’s next

The Scotsman: Kircaldy Councillor admits he lives in Austria


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