UKIP:- Breitbart: Nigel Farage: If Owen Paterson wants to leave the EU he should join UKIP

Mark Reckless at PMQ’s

UKIP Health policy proposal as presented by Louise Bours MEP at the Doncaster conference

thecommentator: Przemek Skwirczynski PPC Tooting: We’re back to racism smears against UKIP

Common Sense:- BBC DailyPolitics 25-11-14: Can Nigel Farage become Prime Minister?

Independent: UKIP say babies born to immigrants in the UK should be classed as migrants

Express: ‘UKIP is now the party of the ‘ordinary man

Daily Star: Workers: We support UKIP

Telegraph: Racing UKIP back to the 1950’s is doing the Tories permanent damage

Guardian: Anti EU forces are battle ready: The fightback must start now

Guardian: Ex UKIP leader condemned for Qu’ran comments over Lee Rigby murder

Mirror: Sorry Nigel Farage, women just don’t like you (or your policies)

GE2015:- Breitbart: For the Tory party, May 2015 will be an extinction event

Telegraph: 84% of population growth between 2001-2012 or 3.8 million was down to migration

Breitbart: Two faced Labour want to expand the EU yet ‘control immigration’

BBC News: Clegg: ‘No caps’ on EU migration

EUreka:- UK faces £34bn bill for black hole in EU budget

EU VAT rules threaten to kill UK micro firms

Mediaocre:- Mail: Richard Littlejohn: The left hate everyone, not just the white working class

The Star: Calls for Rotherham council leader to resign as he admits children’s services ‘still not good enough

RT: Putin orders fingerprinting of all foreigners arriving in Russia


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