UKIP:- Express: The EU’s green ambitions have cost thousands of jobs in the UK, says Nigel Farage

Brexit:- Express: New EU poll puts Leave in the lead despite Obama’s scaremongering

Evening Standard: Brexit could be a celebration for the city, not its funeral

The Spectator: Leave wins the Spectator Brexit debate at the London Palladium: See all the speeches here

Home-Affairs:- Express: Immigration Farce: ‘Impossible’ to know how many migrants are in Britain

The Sun: Priti Patel: Let’s take back control of how are taxes are spent and vote out of the EU

“What the politicians don’t say”: Tory MP’s private company in charge of election votes and counts:

EUreka:- Telegraph: Open borders allow ISIL sleeper cells into Europe and UK warns US Director of national intelligence: It’s clear the EU makes us less safe

Express: British taxpayers face £1.8 billion bill to help Turkey join the EU

Express: Staggering graph of European jobless shows why Britain must leave unemployment-ravaged EU

National Audit Office: UK gets misspending penalties of £2.70 for every £100 of EU funding: Germany 10p!


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