UKIP:- Gerard Batten MEP Open letter to Amjad Bashir- do the decent thing and resign your seat

Common Sense:- Express & Star: West Midlands is ‘key’ to our general election fight says UKIP’s Paul Nuttall

Daily Mail: UKIP unveils 100 policies in 100 days

Express: Nigel Farage details how UKIP would save the NHS

Greenock Telegraph: Gourock teenager selected to fight Inverclyde for UKIP

GE 2015:- Mail: Ed Miliband’s attack on NHS privatisation left in tatters as figures reveal Labour outsourced twice as much as the coalition

The Spectator: Who do voters trust most in different policy areas

Guardian: Ed Miliband’s NHS plans risk losing the election, say Blair supporters

Telegraph: The Green party are spiteful malicious toddlers

EUreka:- Telegraph: Markets tumble as Greek government begins to backtrack on austerity

Telegraph: Air passengers’ bank details to be handed to police under EU anti-terror plan

Mediaocre:- Economic Voice: Now what If a UKIPper had said that…….

Guy News: Campaign to free Amjad Bashir gathers momentum

Mirror: Lord Janner: Decision whether to charge Labour peer with sex offences ‘to be made soon

Breitbart: MIT climate scientist: Global warming believers a ‘cult


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