UKIP:- Nigel Farage: speaks out about the African migrant mess in the European parliament today



Tories cannot make such tax guarantees says Patrick O’Flynn MEP



Common Sense:- The Ecnomist: In the pub with Nigel Farage



CNTV: British voters go to the UKIP polls in just a few days



Telegraph: UKIP’s facebook likes: Nigel Farage’s party is more popular than Labour and Lib-Dems combined


Mirror:- Nigel Farage makes shameful attack on refugees  and calls ‘blacking up’ a bit of fun



Manchester Evening News: UKIP gaining ground in Gtr Manchester, but will it translate into seats?



Fact or Fiction: Did UKIP candidate Bill Walker refer to Gurkhas as parasites



GE15:- BT: Study: Households ‘poorer’ with Tory, Labour or Liberal Democrat government



Express 2 in 3 new households are headed by an immigrant, claims think tank



Guido: Where is the outrage for these dodgy Councillors



EUreka:- RT: ‘EU migrant crisis proposals will open Britain’s doors to jihadists,’ says Nigel Farage



Yahoo: Greece’s new team prepares reforms to win deal with creditors



Sky News: Diesel engines face EU pollution crackdown



Mediaocre:- RT:  ‘Big question’ in neuroscience may be answered after GPS- like brain mapping


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