ComRes poll for Wales:- UKIP-28% Labour-27% Con-24% PC-5% LD-4%

UKIP:- UKIP responds to the collapse of the EU referendum bill

Independent: Nigel Farage and Frankie Boyle clash over Andrew Lawrence’s ‘Mock the week’ criticism

Steven Woolfe MEP rejects claims that Britain is to blame for migrant troubles in Calais

Breitbart: Jane Collins MEP: Labour’s failure to stop 1400 children being abused is despicable, not UKIP’s poster

Common Sense:- Breitbart: Mark Reckless wins PMQ’s without even being there

RT: EU funding row sparks huge surge in UKIP support – poll

Leicester Mercury: Roger Helmer: Outraged that the EU punish success & reward failure

Herald: 7 out of 10 Scots back UKIP policy on immigration

Morning Star: Why UKIP is such a threat

GE 2015:– EU Referendum bill fails as Lib-Dems pull their support: (will this coalition go the distance?)

Breitbart: How the establishment is trying to destroy UKIP – and why it will fail

The Spectator: UKIP win PMQ’s

Liberal-Democrats: The truth about the Tories and the EU referendum bill

Labour List:- British politics trundles towards the abyss what are we going to do about It?

EUreka:- Mail: Minister blows a hole in David Cameron’s pledge to overhaul EU migration: He can’t says Nick Boles

STV News: Sturgeon: Veto demand to prevent EU exit ‘against Scotland’s will’

Mediaocre:- Yahoo: Armed soldiers guard the guards in London

South Yorkshire Times: Half of Rotherham’s child abuse victims ‘could have been saved from harm

Breitbart: Oxford Prof shreds government’s green energy policy

The Spectator: James Dellingpole: Frankie Boyle is a cowardly bully and I’m ashamed I ever stood up for him

RT: Australia slammed for closing borders in Ebola struck west African states

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