UKIP:- RT: Paul Nuttall MEP talks ISIS & Turkey

John Bickley:- Labour is “unaware” of its tax avoidance in Oldham

Jim Carver MEP: EU candle plans should be blown out

Oldham West  & Royton:- Sky News: Farage: Corbyn is a ‘gift’ to us in Oldham

John Bickley Oldham
The Sun: Rod Liddle: Oldham by-election is a two horse race….between UKIP & a Labour moderate

Telegraph: The Labour party is asleep to the damage UKIP’s doing to it

Refugee Crisis:- Express: Border force clueless on numbers of asylum seekers in UK

Independent: Coalition of MPs want relatives of asylum seekers to be allowed to settle in UK

Express: ‘You’ll be next’ ISIS warn UK of terror attacks if they join France in Syria air strikes

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: My colleagues are encouraging our children to hate their own country

Breitbart: Government’s ‘British Values’ agenda slammed for ignoring Christianity

City-AM Government throw in the towel on housing

Politico: Erdogan gags Turkey’s independent media

New-Statesman: Stella Creasy targeted for deselection

Independent: Young people who question government or media may be extremists, officials tell parents

World Affairs:- ANI News: ‘Panicked’ ISIS moving HQ to Libya as Syrian stronghold is pounded by air strikes

Telegraph: Paris climate conference: 10 reasons why we shouldn’t worry about ‘man – made’ global warming

Breitbart: Ding-Dong: The godfather of global warming is dead!

Express:- Germany set to ban burqua stating its incompatible with society

EURef:- The Economic Voice: Labour “In for Britain” launches today

EUreka:- Express: ‘Secret’ German plan to resettle 500,000 Syrian refugees across Europe unveiled this week
7 News: Every EU state should pay into 3 billion euro refugee fund: Germany

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