Don’t miss UKIP’s latest PPB at 1825 on ITV and 1855 on BBC 1 (just before the One Show).

Watch it here if you miss it.

UKIP:- Wales leader Nathan Gill MEP says he’s astonished by school rugby ban proposal

EURef: Enough of EU: author & Sun columnist Tony Parsons joins fight to leave European Union

Telegraph: David Cameron may win this referendum, but at the cost of a divided nation

Home-Affairs:- Vox: Cancer death rates plummet 23% in 25 years

Pic:- Positive polling indicates a tranche of MSP’s for UKIP



World-Affairs:- AN: Obama caught funding terrorists

Express: Global warming scientists have exaggerated CO2 threat to marine life, study finds


Express: The English ‘will not be told by foreigners what to do’ admits German business leader

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