A tweet spotted today: @PaulBrandITV Passed a Labour MP today reading a ‘How to fight UKIP’ booklet sent from party HQ: Labour know the fight is on

UKIP:- Mark Reckless bowls the Chancellor a googly

MEP tells the EDL you’re not wanted here keep out of Dudley

UKIP disability spokesman Councillor Star Etheridge on the UN’s international day of people with disability

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Are the Tories winning back Ukippers in the seats that matter?

The Spectator: How will UKIP use Its first autumn statement in parliament?

Newsweek: UKIP Scotland Chairman sparks backlash after comparing SNP to Nazis

Western Daily Press: Businessman Ernie Warrender to give his MP’s salary to charity if elected for UKIP

Stourbridge News: UKIP toasts its success in helping to save borough pubs

Derby Telegraph: UKIP candidate puts Labour straight on NHS policy

NopenotHope: Portsmouth anti-UKIP coalition run by SWP & UAF member

GE2015:- Telegraph: Ed Miliband’s in ‘serious trouble‘ and must sack disloyal members of his shadow cabinet

Guardian: Tory MP: We have no need to attract dog-end voters in the outlying regions

Kidderminster Shuttle: MP at the fag end of his tenure finds himself in hot water

Guido Fawkes: Tories planning super secret surprise attack

EUreka:- Mail: Outgoing Brussels chief Van Rompuy will get close to £600,000

RP: Asylum and the forbidden questions

Mediaocre:- Russia Insider: Turkey shows the US is not the only game in town

The vineyard of the Saker: The importance of the cancellation of South stream

Eco Watch: Enjoy seafood while you can, commercial fisheries likely to collapse by 2048

C4 News: Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki: time to step up the war in Syria

Mail: Schools where Elvis is a nativity star: and traditional nativity plays are a thing of the past

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