Today’s morning headlines



UKIP:- Strasbourg today: People power will win this referendum says Nigel Farage MEP

Common-Sense:- IBT: For immigrants to succeed in the UK, they need to integrate and uphold British values says Suzanne Evans
Business Insider: UKIP’s Peter Whittle couldn’t afford a mortgage

Home-Affairs:- Mail: Now for benefits chaos: Britain will be lumbered with working out child benefit rates for 28 countries: Thanks to the proposed changes to be set by Brussels

World-Affairs:- Conservative-Post: CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls for Jihad rape of white women

EURef:- The Economic Voice: Overwhelming majority call for EU exit in new national poll
Guido-Fawkes: “Even If the European Commission proposed the slaughter of the first born the red card won’t work” said William Hague in 2008


by Mitchell Goldie UKIP member

iea: EU policies threaten to cost Britain £9265 per household
Telegraph: We should not be swayed by soundbites and slogans about Europe
Mail: This sham will only make voters more cynical says Max Hastings
EUreka:- Express: New Financial meltdown set to sink EU as German banks lose circa £15 billion in 90 days


Express: The end for Merkel? Chancellors popularity plummets as Germany faces £36 billion migrant bill


EurActiv: French pork farmers accuse Germany of VAT fraud




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