UKIP:- Nigel Farage issued a warning about Ukraine in 2008

Diane James: Justice & Home Affairs spokesman calls on Cameron to come clean on who’s boss

Common Sense:- Mail: UKIP lead Tories by 2 to 1 in Clacton


Chester Chronicle: Great grandson of Labour party co-founder bids to become UKIP MP

EUreka:- EU ready to fast track Ukraine trade deal despite warnings of ‘percieved provacation’ from UKIP

RT: Moscow ready to expose ‘Kiev in two weeks’ spin with Barroso call transcript

EU business: Dutch politician to become a ‘Super Commissioner’ as Juncker’s right hand man

Telegraph: Dan Hannan: The European Arrest Warrant: ‘Everything its critics said has been vindicated’

Time: NATO’s Dilemma: How tough to get with Russia

EIN News: EU’s new foreign affairs minister backs faster EU expansion in the Balkans

Mediaocre:- thecommentator: Moral cowardice, dereliction of duty, and Rotherham

Mail: White British pupils will be outnumbered in English state schools by 2037

Daily Politics: Andrew Neil destroys Labour MP Emily Thornberry

Mail: GQ awards Philanthropist of the year award goes to Anthony Blair

Ria: ISIS militants threaten to launch Caucasus campaign(Putin will be busy)

Mail: Blackout alert: Offices & factories to undergo 1970’s electricity rationing


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