Poll: TNS/Mirror: Lab-33% Con-27% UKIP-18% Grn-8% LD-6%

UKIP:- UKIP will ban non stun slaughter

UKIP will ban non stun slaughter

Common Sense:- Stourbridge News: Borough’s UKIP leader hopes to turn Dudley South purple

Warrington Guardian: UKIP announce candidates

Telegraph: UKIP will ban non stun slaughtering in abattoirs

Jewish Chronicle: UKIP back ban on shechita in policy u-turn

Huff-Post: Jews ‘collaterel damage’ in UKIP’s new animal slaughter policy

Mail: Farage accused of driving jews from Britain (The comments following the article in the main support the UKIP position)

ITV News: Voters favour UKIP coalition over Lib-Dems

Mirror: UKIP magazine brands gay pride march ‘Parade of Depravity

Telegraph: Why UKIP & SNP voters will not be going back to the Conservatives or Labour

Mirror: UKIP’s Nathan Gill MEP under fire for calling for closure of information centre
GE2015:- Telegraph: Winter fuel payments: ‘Force pensioners to apply’
Breitbart: For the first time in history, ‘Conservatives’ are at the forefront of the cultural revolution
Telegraph: Labour roll out their key education policy: sex education at 5, pupils using the word ‘Gay’ will be expelled!
Mail: Two councillors and corrupt police officer accused of having sex with victims of Rotherham abuse scandal

BBC News: Rotherham council not fit for purpose
Telegraph: SNP to wipe out Labour vote in Scotland, Lord Ashcroft poll reveals

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Blow to anti-Isil coalition as UAE ‘pull out’

The Spectator: Why Ed Miliband’s class war rhetoric is Tony Blair’s fault
Telegraph: Barack Obama’s corporate cash grab signals ‘start of a wider assault on capital’




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