UKIP:- BBC Good morning Britain: Our young people are not lazy….Nigel Farage

Telegraph: Nigel Farage: UKIP’s immigration policy is built on fairness

Express: Jim Carver MEP calls for spirited defence of cider industry

Common Sense:- Telegraph: UKIP will not set ‘arbitrary’ immigration targets, says Nigel Farage

Telegraph: Nigel Farage: UKIP would ban terminally-ill migrants from Britain

Guardian: Growing support for UKIP among young voters

Breitbart: UKIP did not investigate candidate who wished jihadi John was dead ‘98% agree with him’

Mail: Quentin Letts: Fog honker Morgan really does seem to be a prize steaming dud

GE15:- Breitbart: Lib/Lab/Con imposed mass immigration on Britain, want more, and will do nothing to stem it


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