Common Sense:- Breitbart: UKIP Deputy Leader in Jerusalem: slams multiculturalism, Pakastani rape gangs and EU control

Bloggers for UKIP: Conservative party members ordered not to campaign to leave the EU

Oldham West:- Express: UKIP’s ‘unashamedly patriotic’ by-election candidate takes aim at ‘IRA sympathiser’ Corbyn

Telegraph: Lord Tebbit: David Cameron should hope UKIP wins the Oldham by-election

Migrant Crisis:- Breitbart: Merkel warns of Balkans war if Europe builds border fences

BBC: Disturbances at UK military base in Cyprus

Telegraph: Cyprus RAF base migrants: ‘David Cameron is keeping us in Guantanamo’

RT: Migrant crisis: Pushing Germany towards ‘anarchy & civil war

The New Observer: Non white invader centres, being burnt down at the rate of one a day

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Residents of seaside town pay private security firm £100 a week to police streets
Breitbart: UK government hands £5 million to Islamic trust who called for gays to be stoned

World Affairs:- Jews-News: Jordanian Sheikh: ‘There is no “Palestine”  in the Koran: Allah gave Israel to the Jews
EURef:- Telegraph: With no deal over voting, George Osborne has dropped the ball on EU reform
Wales-Online: Leading economist says Britain will survive & prosper outside the European Union

CAPX Brexit lunatics will destroy Britain

EUreka:- eureporter: TTIPing Europe into the abyss?

Mediaocre:- Political Scrapbook: Democracy will bring about war in Europe




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