Lord Ashcroft marginal polling: Lab 36% Con 33% UKIP 20% LD 6%

UKIP:- Guardian: How UKIP has changed under Nigel Farage’s leadership

UKIP migration spokesman Steven Woolfe responds to UCL report

Breitbart: UKIP MEP compares Herman Van Rompuy to Saddam Husain’s propaganda minister

Sky News: Gaddafi good for Britain, says UKIP’s Reckless

Common Sense:- Guardian: UKIP from fringe pressure group to moneyed political force

Telegraph: UKIP is the only party that recognises rural threat, head of national trust warns

Telegraph: David Cameron won’t rule out UKIP deal in hung parliament

Mail: Littlejohn: Why the hell are we importing beggars?

EUreka:- Telegraph: Juncker EU: taunts Cameron I’m not afraid of you!

Breitbart: EU accounts fail audit for 19th year in a row (Socialism & the Tories fell for it hook line & sinker)

Mail: EU lets one Dutch ship net a quarter of England’s fishing quota and take it to Holland as it holds 23% of permits

Britain is now Europe’s ‘Cheap Labour economy

Express: UK taxpayers to help fund £2m welcome centre for migrants in Calais

IBT: European Commission President Juncker slams Cameron’s behaviour during recent meeting

Carnegie Europe: The eerie silence before the EU reform storm

GE2015:- Telegraph: Chuka Ummana is the only mainstream politician with the guts to take on UKIP: (both the politician & the journalist are missing the point: It’s not about nationality or race, It’s about numbers and costs. That’s not racism It’s economics.)

RT: UK aid – Tax avoidance

Morning Star: Tories ‘use taxpayers cash to spread political attack on welfare

WMN: Countryside flood defences get “minimal” maintenance say watchdog

Guardian: Eric Pickles siezes control of ‘rotten’ Tower Hamlets

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: It’s time to consign the BBC to the dustbin of history

Telegraph: Immigration from outside Europe ‘cost £120 billion’

The Herald: Cameron & Farage to appear in court in Plymouth

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