Common Sense:- I said, when Mr Cameron made his “big immigration speech” that his plans would get knocked back by the EU: let’s see says Nigel Farage: 
Breitbart: Farage: NHS doctors should be able to speak English competently:
Right of Centre: UKIP should embrace Thatcherism, not abandon It:
Political Thoughts-the magazine: Why people are voting UKIP -the EU and TTIP.

GE2015:- Mail: “Renegotiation’ stumbles badly at ‘Merkel’ brook in the Referendum Stakes….That’s left him a good 20 Rothmans behind early leader ‘Mine’s a pint’ with ‘Bacon Butty’ just shading second from ‘Brighton Pavilion’……. with 26 more hurdles to jump anymore slips like that will see Renegotiation heading for the knackers yard.”

Express: Lib-Dems have chosen just 266 candidates for general election:
Telegraph: Private Finance Initiative: hospitals will bring taxpayers 60 years of pain:
Express: Leo McKinstry: Labour guilty of hypocrisy and deceit over the health service:
Breitbart: Charlie Hebdo massacre: How the West will respond: 
EUreka:- Telegraph: Eurozone officially falls into deflation, piling pressure on ECB:
Express: EU laws leave London air ambulance without a helicopter:
Mediaocre:- Jewish News: Labour councillor suspended for Auschwitz tweet: 
Breitbart: The NHS & Global Warming: Two tinkerbells that must die:
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