UKIP:- Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: Freedom of movement of Jihad

JimCarver MEP: The Gulf states must rise to the challenge

Patrick O’Flynn MEP: Juncker admits to EU referendum task force

Common Sense:- The Economic Voice: Nigel Farage responds to David Cameron

Migrant Mess:- Breitbart: Europe’s rape epidemic: Western women will be sacrificed at the alter of mass migration

Breitbart: ‘No Borders’ activist gang raped by migrants, pressured into keeping quiet to not ‘damage cause

Express: ISIS Jihadi’s posing as migrants ‘smuggle deadly undetectable nerve gas into Europe’

Express: Thousands of migrants to be deported under secret EU plans amid radical Brussels crackdown

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: Labour & Lib-Dems brand union flag nasty, nationalistic, demand it isn’t flown at schools

LGA: Two thirds of care requests turned down by councils

World Affairs:- RT: 4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from the Caspian sea

RT: Police use water canon against anti-austerity protesters in Brussels
EURef:– The Times: EU vote faces delay as Cameron struggles to get what he wants (£. Synopsis only)

The Economic Voice: Junker admits to EU referendum taskforce says UKIP

Politico: 5 takeaways on the Tory conference

Leave.EU It can’t be won from SW1

Mediaocre:- The Institute of Directors: dismiss immigration views of the majority of British people as ‘nonsense’

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