UKIP:- EU Parliament: Your moment has come Mr Tsipras, take back control of your country- UKIP leader Nigel Farage


Gerard Batten MEP  Those who want Sharia law should move to a country where they have it


Common Sense:- Independent: Greece referendum: UKIP’s Nigel Farage praises Greeks for calling bluff of ‘dying’ EU project


Express: Eurocrats are fighting each other over Greek vote, blasts Patrick O’Flynn MEP



Home-Affairs: Mail: ISIS releases guide on establishing ‘Muslim gangs‘, in UK



EUreka:- CNBC: Like Greece, Italy needs to leave Euro…Grillo


Mail: Could Germany spark another war? I feel Its all too possible


CNBC: Greek island agrees to test digital currency


Mail: ‘This is only the beginning of the Euro crisis’ warns William Hague


EurActivHow to leave the Euro, more or less legally


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