UKIP:-  Autumn Conference 2014 Doncaster: Full playlist take your pick

Steven Woolfe MEP: Lord Hill the Nostradamus of the EU

Common Sense:- Dudley News: UKIP appoint new group leader for Dudley council


Herald Scotland: SNP & UKIP reaching the public’s erogenous  zones

Huff-Post: Sean Howlett (UKIP member) UKIP’s message needs to be clearer than ever

The Spectator: Anglican bishop to address UKIP. Now that’s courage for you.

By-election News:- Clacton: The main parties need to hear this roar of defiance

Dont care

Express: The Carswell guarantee UKIP MP’s will always vote to get out of the EU

Express: Patrick O’Flynn: UKIP by-election win in Clacton would herald a new political era

LBC/SKY: UKIP on course to bruise Labour & Tories

Guardian: Nigel Farage insists Heywood & Middleton will be close

Independent: Nigel Farage goes on the warpath in Heywood & Middleton

H&M today

Telegraph: Will UKIP need Heywood & Middleton’s pint swilling women to swing victory?

GE2015:- Mail: Soaring immigration sparks British baby boom

EUreka:- GuardianLetters: EU nuclear will hit renewables

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: The death of the left in British politics cannot be ruled out


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