UKIP:- Express: Farage on Friday: ‘Giving billions in foreign aid and borrowing to do it is wrong’ blasts Nigel Farage

Express & Star: Bill Etheridge MEP: ‘I’ve been naive

Common Sense:- Express: UKIP leader Nigel Farage demands Britain’s huge foreign aid budget is diverted to help flooded towns

Home Affairs:- Express: Britain’s power grid at risk of ISIS terror attack which could kill thousands

LBC: Is Trump right? “There are no go areas in London”

Breitbart: London cop confirms Donald Trump UK radicalisation claims – BBC, Cameron, Boris Johnson sneer

Mail: Refugees who want to be cab drivers excused from taking ‘criminal checks’

Birmingham Mail: 1500 cases of FGM treated in one Birmingham hospital and not a single conviction

World Affairs:- USA Politics Today: Hilary tells Obama to ‘call off FBI’ or she will reveal his Kenyan birth certificate

Express: America cracks down on anyone who has travelled to Syria & Iraq after Trump speech

Secrets of The Fed: Russia warns Donald Trump of assassination plot

EUreka:- RT: EU in danger, return to nation-based thinking will be fatal –EU Parliament President

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: London students fail to pass motion condemning Paris attacks

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