UKIP:- Prospect: Exclusive: What will UKIP’s election 2015 manifesto look like

Isle of Thanet Gazette: UKIP shortlist announced for South Thanet

Common Sense:– Breitbart: Farage: Use 144-year-old law act to strip Jihadists of British citizenship

Breitbart: Why Nigel Farage is attracting ultra-wealthy UKIP backers

Mail:- 19 year old UKIP member Laura Howard is not your stereotypical supporter

Mediaocre:– Mail: American journalist beheaded by ISIS

Wales Online: NATO Conference: Security measures suggest intelligence expects an insurrection as 67 heads of state fly in to a 28 member state organisation

World-Truth-TV: 9/11 Terrorism or False flag? UK man wins court victory over BBC for 9/11 cover-up broadcast

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