Poll:- ComRes for Independent & Sunday Mirror: Lab 31% Con 29%:  UKIP 24% LD 7%  Green 5% oth 5% 

UKIP prompted for more details see John Rentoul article:

UKIP:- Breitbart: English votes for English legislation says Paul Nuttall:

Common Sense:- Independent: John Rentoul: Labour voters “seriously consider” voting UKIP:

Express: “UKIP is setting the political agenda the others look on in  stunned amazement.”

GE2015:- Mail: James Forsyth: Ken Clarke warns Cameron that by talking about immigration so much, he is only helping Nigel Farage & UKIP:

Sky News: Illegal immigrants  carrying all manner of infectious diseases ‘too scared’ to get treatment:

Telegraph: Ed Miliband & Baroness Worthington the most expensive man & woman in Britain’s history:

EUreka:- thecommentator: The EU is on life support, and the doctors are clueless: 

Mediaocre:- Mail:Teenage boy crucified for 3 days by ISIS:



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