Common Sense:- Fox News: Hannity: Nigel Farage discusses David Cameron’s response to the rise of radical Islam … with a cameo appearance from Anjem Choudary: 

Express: UKIP must have more peers in the House of Lords says Douglas Carswell MP:

Home Affairs:- Mail: UK mosque linked to children’s suicide bombing DVD:

Mirror: Conservatives’ broken promise on childcare over tax-free childcare means families have to find £1600 a year: 

Mail: 3000 trials have already been held in ‘secret’ ending centuries of open justice:

Politics.Co.UK: The British left is finally turning against the EU:

Telegraph: By day, a counter terrorism officer. And by night, an extremist preacher:

Mail: Pupils should stand when teachers enter the room and address them as ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’, Chief Inspector of schools:

EURef:- Mail: Cameron urged by Lord Lawson to ditch his ‘useless and meaningless’ negotiation strategy:

EUreka:- Telegraph: British drivers face higher fuel prices after Brussels renews push for eco-friendly fuel:

Express: EU lands UK taxpayers with a substantial bill for the overhaul the port of Calais:

FT: Denmark to cut immigrant benefits in half: 

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Scottish Paper sacks two columnists over criticism of Islam:

Gatestone Institute: Who is responsible for the atrocities in the Muslim world?

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