It is hard to believe that David Cameron is the prime minister of this country when he spends so much time talking it down. It was only last November that he was seen speaking quite reasonably about the prospects of a Britain outside the EU. In the ensuing few short months he has completely sold out and given up any pretence of patriotism.

It has reached the point where, as soon as I see him on the television, I now turn the sound off. I know that he will be delivering yet more gloom, speculation, misrepresentations, despondency, fear and negativity about the future of this country should we choose to leave the EU. Much of the rhetoric is desperate, lopsided and dubious while some is simply ludicrous. The Brexit effect on family holidays was a recent target but just how low is he prepared to stoop?

Cameron has become like:

A prison governor lecturing a soon-to-be-released prisoner about all the pitfalls of life outside the jail walls as if to encourage that prisoner to remain incarcerated;


like a lonely, doting, cloying mother desperately trying to persuade her 40-year old son that he shouldn’t, finally, strike out on his own and forge an independent way of life for himself;


like a son who tries to persuade his perfectly able parents to sign a power of attorney so that he can vest those powers in an unelected, undemocratic, wasteful, self-serving and power hungry organisation.

Despite a national debt now measured in the trillions and a stubbornly high deficit, Cameron thought nothing of wasting nigh on £10 million of taxpayers’ money on government propaganda in support of membership of the EU, a facility not available to his opponents. In my opinion that was grossly unfair, an abuse of office and wholly undemocratic.

He and the mass of big guns on his side are like a bunch of schoolboy bullies strutting around the playground issuing threats left, right and centre to anyone thinking of being a non-conformist. Through their constant devaluing of this country they all make it abundantly clear that this once proud United Kingdom of ours has been degraded to little more than a dependency of a super-national organisation.

Perhaps we should be relieved Cameron was not prime minister in May 1940; given his current pro-EU vigour I can almost imagine him extolling the virtues of Britain becoming a member of the Third Reich. But the powers in Brussels won’t forgive or forget our bid for freedom – how dare we! If the decision is to remain, do not be surprised about what they do next.

With 97% of its land mass in Asia, Turkey has no business joining the EU but why would Cameron, a vocal cheerleader for its membership, exercise the UK’s veto to forestall its admission? As in many things, he hasn’t got the political courage. And there’s something of the personal coward about him, too. All his pronouncements are done in safe, regulated, set-piece events with captive or selected audiences.

This simply enforces his detachment and delusion. Compare that to the dedicated, barnstorming man of the people who has made it his life’s mission firstly to get us this referendum and secondly to rekindle our belief in ourselves, to dare to suggest we can, not just survive but thrive free from the clutches of that moribund European project!

My vote is based upon reason blended with feeling. I don’t like bullies, so, on the day, it will be even more of a pleasure to vote to leave, if only to defy Cameron. Unlike him, I believe in Britain. I despise him for his willingness to emasculate this country and, politically speaking, I wish him much bad luck.

An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile while desperately hoping it will eat him last. If the country votes to stay in the EU then Cameron will make an easy meal but it is us who will have to suffer from the indigestion.

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