Immediately after a General Election, the normal custom of things is for the largest party that won the election to form a government. The leader from that party would present themselves to the Queen and she would appoint the new Prime Minister and Her Majesty’s Ministers . Elected MP’s from the winning party would fill the posts in the Cabinet… and that has been accepted practice in a parliamentary democracy in the United Kingdom for at least 300 years. Policies from that party’s manifesto would then be followed in that government’s term of office, passing legislation, if required to fulfil its obligations and pledges that they promised to the electorate. Then frequent elections are held every four or five years. The government is then judged on their performance and ability to carry out their policies and pledges, run the economy, maintain and defend the borders, hopefully in a competent manner.

Just imagine for a moment that two thirds of the Cabinet in Government was chosen from the red benches in the House of Lords. Not only that, but ignore the winning party’s Lords in that House, and selected from the opposition benches…… To continue along this line of thought, just imagine this very same two thirds of the Cabinet having the sole right to propose, repeal, amend and pass legislation without opposition, holding the proverbial rubber stamp, to make laws on every aspect of running a country, except the remaining issues relating to the NHS, education, justice, budget, fiscal policy and monitory policy. These same two thirds can continue to stay in the Cabinet for life.

“Not in a million years that’s a cuckoo-crazy idea,” I hear many say.

“What are YOU on about?” others would question.

“This would never happen in Westminster or anywhere else around the world for that matter with a democracy…..surely? What you describe is a dictatorship of sorts”.

Just imagine the consternations and outrage from that party’s passed-over politicians on the green benches, not least from the general public, who they thought they had elected into office.

“The whole Cabinet is normally formed from one party’s Members of Parliament that have all been elected to the House of Commons…. so there is no problem…. right? Everything is above board and tickety-boo,” they will all retort as they look down, sitting uncomfortably, staring at their feet.

So why is it, when fifty to seventy-five percent of our laws and policies are proposed by unelected bureaucrats, predominately failed politicians from many other political parties and 27 foreign countries, is not seen in the same light for what it represents in practice for a UK government?

Unelected, supra-national and not the party chosen by the UK electorate to propose and pass legislation and make policy not even in any manifesto from any UK political party. A crazy Cuckoo in the nest concept that LibLabCon have grown to embrace. They love it because they have outsourced half their job and still get paid their fulltime wages, perks and expenses and maybe if they’re lucky, having toed the line, they’ll get “promotion” to the EU Government gravy train, all by just putting their feet up and letting the “cuckoos” do their work.

The more you think about it, the worse it looks, on so many levels, yet many have accepted this as the norm. Well I haven’t and they’ve been rumbled. Cameron said that UKIP was full of “fruitcakes and loonies – and closet racists mostly,” well LibLabCon is Cuckoo in more ways than one.

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