(DC) What a weak figure David Cameron appears to be lately. Having sought, until quite recently, to have UKIP Dismissed Contemptuously, he is suddenly alert to the Dire Consequences of ignoring it and of the Diminishing Confidence that the people of Britain have in him. He hopes that the Dreary Conservatives can form a majority government next May and so avoid another Dismal Coalition. His party is waging a Devious Campaign against Mark Reckless as they Desperately Cling to the hope of winning Rochester and Strood. The continued increase in the deficit simply Drains Conviction about his government’s ability to manage the economy.

On his watch, we heard of the Dreadful Catalogue of child sexual abuse in Rotherham, learned of the Derelict Conduct by numerous public officials there and are witnessing the Dilatory Confirmation of a head for the public inquiry. At Prime Minister’s Question time he frequently Dodges Clarity in his answers. Rather than shaping events he reacts to them, usually by hijacking UKIP policies. He Deplores Constraints that mean he cannot control immigration from the EU but says he will act. However, he has been Directly Contradicted by the Commission President, who says it’s against the rules.

Then there is his Dubious Commitment of an in-out referendum. As I ponder the future of this nation I look at the two and a half legacy parties with Dreadful Contemplation. If it gained power, Labour would quickly reduce the UK to a Deplorable Condition.


(AC) However, all is not lost. The Alternative Course is to vote for a party that Actually Cares about this nation above itself. First and foremost, UKIP believes that All Control of our nation’s affairs should only be Administered Completely by the British people and its elected representatives. It wants to introduce a points-based system and place A Cap on those who come to this country. It believes All Citizens should be subject to one law – British Law – and those who properly make A Contribution can rightly expect to receive benefits and services.

UKIP would Accelerate Creation of grammar schools; Abolish Catch quotas imposed on our fishermen; enhance and expand the links we have with our Admirable Commonwealth; Abandon Crushing regulation; Arrest Constraints on the manpower and abilities of this country’s armed forces; Attack Corruption in our public services; Acclaim Confidently the culture, values and history of these islands; and introduce Actively Competitive policies to restore the freedom, wealth and independent status of this Amazing Country of ours.

It was famed inventor Thomas Edison who developed the system of electric-power generation and distribution based on direct current. Although revolutionary at the time, it had a major weakness. The current could only travel a maximum of about 1.5 miles and thus necessitated many generating stations. Because it was the original it held sway for some years but it was eventually challenged by a newcomer. This was derived from the work of Nikola Tesla who demonstrated the much greater benefits of using alternating current. Feeling threatened by this the detractors of AC, among whom was Edison himself, found fault, stubbornly resisted change and actively denigrated it in the War of the Currents. However, DC inevitably yielded.

So politically speaking, Britain, what’s it to be: lumber yourself with limited DC or embrace the power of superior AC?

Photo by NikonFilm35

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