Daily Mail

Editorial: DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A vote of confidence in Britain after Brexit 

It’s NOT racist to fear migration, says the Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby believes it is ‘outrageous’ to dismiss public’s genuine concerns about housing, jobs and the NHS

Turkey ‘given keys to Europe’: Country to be given £4.7 BILLION under new EU plans which will allow its 77million citizens to travel without visas.

The Express

EditorialLeaving the EU will make Britain great once again

Scaremongering Cameron claims farmers will lose £300 MILLION if Britain leaves the EU

David Cameron hits out at ‘leave’ campaigners for being prepared to sacrifice British jobs

‘Let them leave!’ Annoyed French politicians starting to back Brexit

Nigel Farage ‘quietly’ hopes Queen backs Brexit after Palace slams reports she wants out

Financial Times

Editorial: Mario Draghi delivers a bold expansion of stimulus 

Justin Welby tells Leave campaign to spell out consequences

Osborne’s devolution revolution spreads to rural areas

The Guardian

Prime minister to warn exit from EU would cost farming industry £330m

Blair signals he won’t play active role in EU Remain campaign – Politics live

The Independent

EU referendum: Worried EU nationals dash for UK citizenship amid Brexit fears

The Mirror

Tony Blair storms into EU debate saying “it’s our destiny” to stay and attacking ‘elitist’ Leave campaign

Tory chairman confronted over overspending claims to help claim key General Election seat

The Sun

Editorial: WHAT a betrayal of ripped-off energy customers the major report by the Competition and Markets Authority turned out to be.

The Queen’s dislike of Europe goes back 40 years, according to Tony Benn

The Telegraph

Editorial: ECB’s desperation shows the risks of the EU 

EU referendum: David Cameron sets a new trap for the Brexit campaign

The Times

Europe’s new Jungle grows on Greek border

UKIP Website

Scientific research will be boosted by Brexit 

Is Cameron the new Nick Clegg? 

That the world’s biggest Sovereign Wealth fund has no fear of Brexit is no surprise

UKIP responds to Iceland’s Prime Minister’s comments they would like to have a free trade deal whatever the UK decides to do

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